Have you ever thought “I need a video of my LEGO® MOC?” Perhaps you would like to increase the impact of your LEGO® IDEAS campaign by including a video of your creation. Brick Replay can help!

I love to create good LEGO® related content for the Brick Replay channel, and your MOC could be a part of it! Send me an email at the address below with a link to pictures of your MOC; If I like what I see, I will be glad to talk with you about what type of video project might be right for you and your MOC.


What is a MOC?
In the world of LEGO® fans, MOC (mock or em-oh-see) stands for My Own Creation. You can use the term “MOC” for any model you built out of LEGO® bricks from your own imagination, and not using buiding instructions from LEGO® or another fan.

Why do I need a video?
Many LEGO® fans who make a lot of high quality MOCs are able to sell them privately as sets or enter them on LEGO® IDEAS in hopes that they will gain enough support to be chosen as the basis for a real LEGO® set. People in this situation may get little to no public traction on their original creation without putting an extra bit of intentional effort toward their marketing strategy. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then every second of a video is worth 30,000!



  • Please do not send email attachments; I will not open them. In the world of LEGO® fans, Flickr is a popular place to share MOC photos, but a link to your personal website/twitter/facebook should work fine if you don’t have a Flickr account.
  • I will not be able to supply the parts to build your MOC for the video. We can make arrangements for you to ship me the parts. Investing in good video for any marketing campaign is smart, so the price of your parts and shipping might just be a great deal for you!
  • All completed MOC videos will be uploaded to the BrickReplay YouTube channel. You will be able to share or embed the video of your MOC at any web location you choose.
  • If I really like your MOC, I may keep it in my personal collection. If I think your MOC may be something a viewer would appreciate having exclusive access to, I may choose to include your MOC in one of my future giveaways. A giveawasy also gives your MOC another round of exposure!

So are you interested in having a video created of your MOC? Shoot me an email! brickreplay@gmail.com

Do you have incredible faith in the quality of your MOC and want to get started as soon as possible? Send* me a set of the parts needed for your MOC along with instructions to:

PO Box 1071
Fairview, OR 97024

*Shipping a copy of your MOC to BrickReplay does not guarantee that your set will be chosen for a video project, but it is a good way to kick the process into gear for high quality MOCs that I would like to feature on my channel/site!