LEGO #7593 – Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship – Set Review

To infinity, and beyond! Buzz Lightyear, undisputed defender of the galaxy, speeds through space in hot pursuit of his arch nemesis, the evil Emperor Zurg! After a space-weekend of tracking Zurg’s position from a safe distance, Buzz is now using the radiation interference from a nearby star to make his approach inconspicuous. Will Buzz capure his enemy this time? Little does he know, Zurg has a secret…

I love the Toy Story franchise! I believe I will look back on it as one of the greatest stories told in my lifetime. Buzz Lightyear, a clear hero of the saga, is also my favorite character from the series. I couldn’t help but pick up set 7593, Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship, to review on brick replay. I hope you enjoy watching ad much as I enjoyed building!

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