LEGO #6894 Set Review – BLACKTRON INVADER – 1987


Plunging into the atmosphere of an unexplored planet, rumored to be rich with naturally occurring gold crystalites, Johny Blacktron and his robot henchman Twee-to are in search for a major plunder! In their sleek craft, the Invader, they make their way toward the foggy terrain mere kilometers below. But how long will they evade the Space Police? Will they live free long enough to realize the benefits of their spoils?

My friend Tim turned me on to this set. It’s a goody with one of my all-time favorite minifigs!

The Invader space craft from the original Blacktron series was released in 1987. This set came with 164 pieces and two minifigures. This is a modular build that can be separated into three separate pieces. Those modules can be arranged in various ways and can also be combined with modules from other original Blacktron sets.

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