How To Build a 2x2x2 CUBE

Fairly often, I find myself sitting on the floor with my daughter building random things out of LEGO bricks. I sometimes find myself, as people who build things with LEGO do, just experimenting with how certain elements fit together. For years I have always been fascinated with the idea of building a 2x2x2 cube, and while I have achieved it by adding a plate and an tile to the top of a 2×2 brick, perhaps I knew, deep down inside, that there was something missing. That something was the 6th face, at the bottom of the cube. The empty opening on the bottom of the 2×2 brick left me wanting something more complete. After finding some stud reversal methods from, I was able to satisfy that need. Here is my video on how to build a 2x2x2 cube.

And below you’ll find the kosbrick videos with several more stud reversal techniques!

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